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A Facebook Business Page is one of the best things you can add to your marketing strategy.  Adding to its appeal is it is completely free.  However, managing it can be time consuming and confusing.

If you have the time right now and can invest a good deal of it to learn the ins and outs of Facebook, do the research and post consistently – doing it yourself is a great option.

In the long run, in order to fully utilize this marketing opportunity and save you time and confusion, hiring someone ensures your page is managed, strategized and is working for your business, here are my 10 Reasons to Hire a Marketer: read more

Do you understand what Social Media Marketing is?

Are you using it?

Are you using it effectively?


We can help you answer these questions and more…

What sites are best for my company to use?

What is the difference between Personal, Business and Event pages on Facebook?

How can I get more friends/followers?

How often should I post?

What should I post to get the attention of my audience … without annoying them?

Should I post a coupon?  Run an ad?

Is it fair/smart to hire someone to be my representative on Social Networks?

At The Word Pro, we spend a lot of time understanding the rules of the sites and discovering what works –and what doesn’t.  If you become a client, we will research your industry to find interesting and helpful articles. We might also use amusing anecdotes, videos and even jokes – keeping things interesting and fun … and keeping your viewers engaged!

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